The year 2022 shall reinforce the unpredictability. Your prediction list for 2022 below is continuation of 2021 article available on this link.  This article was first published on 6th January on Linked on this link.

Attempting at forecasting key themes for 2022 is based on personal observations of trends in a way my brain 🧠 analyses – removing the noise and decipher the notes of the verse.

Past year has demonstrated en masse that most leaders, both political and business leverage little foresight in making decisions. Majority of the decisions are based with short term outcomes and immediate personal gains – the next election cycle, the next P&L, the next quarter metric.

The world has seen global public purse waste roughly $3+ Trillion (yes Three TRILLION) on patch work of initiatives in name of job protection, better healthcare, social management, rules enforcements, track and trace apps, lateral flow test kits (home tests), unenforceable quarantine – while ignoring the fact that planet Earth is more interconnected than ever. Focus should have been vaccinating the entire world population and not have petty nationalist or commercial gains on priority.

Your #TwentyTwentyTwo list:

  1. 💼 Rise of the independent worker is going to accelerate and more than double in 2022. 
  2. 🏦 Millennials will, for the first time, start saving for the rainy day. 
  3. 🔗 Loose collaborations between strangers (micro entrepreneurs) will rise for personal and commercial gains. Boundaries like nationality, belief, age, language will start to become irrelevant for collaborators. 
  4. 🌆 Smaller Reverse migration from the urban to rural, unlike what majority are predicting. 
  5. 🚸 More than 25 million young people will move back with parents. 
  6. 👂🗣 Older and single adults living alone will subscribe to a paid service for someone to spend time for companionship, just to chat, an ear to listen. 
  7. 💰Over 20,000 people will become NFT + Crypto millionaire ; on the same count, nearly more than a million will lose their entire savings on crypto. 
  8. 🏧 More than 20 countries will provide legal framework to decentralised finance.
  9. 👩🏻💻 SaaS businesses with even a half decent product/service will rule the startup growth. 
  10. 🎼 📚Self publishing of content (Books and Music) will see unprecedented growth 
  11. 🆘 Asking for help will start to normalise. 

What do you think? 

Wish you health and happiness. Grateful for comments as always. 

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